Discover the Keys to Unforgettable Conversation
and Profound Connection...and Say Goodbye to Brain Freeze, Flaking, and Boring Interactions...

Getting Her World is a profoundly rewarding experience that so many men intuitively know is possible, and just haven't tapped into... yet.

Bryan here -

So, you've seen the video above... and you're probably wondering, how is it relevant to ME?

Well, I'll start by addressing some of the challenges you might face:

CHALLENGE #1: "What Do I Say To Her?"

You're out with a girl you just met. You're nervous because she's gorgeous and you can barely believe that you've got this shot to get to know connect with make an impression on her.

Maybe you've rehearsed what you're going to say or what you're going to ask. Maybe you just figured you'd "wing it." But as her eyes lock with yours, you feel a burning in your gut.

Your mind goes completely blank. You can't think of a single clever or witty thing to say. You make small talk to buy yourself some time. The conversation stalls. There's an awkward silence.

You can feel her interest waning with each passing minute. She checks her watch, maybe her cell phone, and gives you that polite smile that tells you she'll be nice for the rest of the date but you're not going to see this one again.

I've been there before...more than once.

In those moments, I would just push on with the small talk, but what I REALLY wanted to do was take a SLEDGEHAMMER to that invisible fucking POLITE AND CORDIAL WALL between me and her, and SMASH IT TO PIECES...

Because I KNEW that an amazing connection was so CLOSE, RIGHT THERE ON THE OTHER SIDE, that there was actually a DOORWAY to a place of REAL DEPTH AND RICHNESS OF CONNECTION... but I just couldn't quite find the edges of the doorway to open it! And so we BOTH remain stuck in this maddeningly superficial world of cordial, mind-numbing small-talk…


What makes it worse is that you KNOW you're a great guy, with a lot to offer! With your friends, or other women you're not attracted to, the doorway to your sense of humor, charisma and creativity opens automatically, like magic...

It's just that now, when it matters to you most and it really COUNTS, it's not showing up. WTF??

Are you destined to repeat this torturous encounter for the rest of your life ...OR is it possible that your attention simply hasn't been TRAINED to focus on what matters most? More on that in a moment.

CHALLENGE #2: She Flaked. Again. [Unreturned calls, texts, cancelled dates]

You're excited because you've met an amazing woman. But that excitement turns to frustration and disappointment when days go by after you text her with no response.

Should you text her again? Should you wait longer? Should you call instead? What if you stick yourself out there only to have her reject you WORSE?

Is she really busy, or not feeling well or somehow missed the email, text or voice mail? Or is she just not interested in you and afraid to admit it?

And furthermore, why is it such a power imbalance? Why are YOU the one bending over backwards, agonizing over when or whether to text her next, and willing to move YOUR schedule around, when she's not making time or space to see you??

With each failed connection, you begin to get more and more jaded, and it seems to actually be getting harder, instead of easier, over time. And you're not sure what to do to fix it.


The problem in both the above challenges is simple. You get so wrapped up in your own thoughts that you aren't actually getting what she's thinking and feeling, and what she needs in order to feel genuine attraction and connection.

You're worried about what to say. You're frustrated by your inability to relate to her. You're scrambling for anecdotes and the right questions to ask so you can get to know her and make a good impression.

And all the while she's sitting there thinking, "This guy is stuck in his own world - he's not really getting me at all. I'm not feeling it. Why did I ever agree to this date?"



If women are not following up with you, it's likely that she didn't feel a strong connection.

Even if she was attracted to you at some point, attraction is fleeting– but a REAL CONNECTION is memorable. And if it's not there, she's not going to make the effort to take things further, and she'll let your calls and texts fade to the background. But when you learn how to connect and Get Her World, this problem evaporates - and she'll likely be the one asking you, "When can we meet again?"

As for that first challenge, "What do I say to her?"...


What if you knew exactly what to say to her, no matter where the conversation was heading?

What if you could effortlessly tap into endless possibilities of topics and intimacy-building questions that would not only intrigue her, but would have her feeling so seen, heard and understood, you'd have her full attention and interest, and therefore end "go-nowhere" dates for good?

When you learn to Get Her World, a simple shift of your attention lets you Dial Into Her. It reveals multiple fun, exciting threads of conversation for you to follow, at ANY point in your interaction - and you'll never be at a loss for words again.

Once you start to shift your attention and cultivate your focus in the way I'm describing, you'll have access to the "universal buffet table" of relevant, refreshing and intriguing conversation topics that apply directly to you and her, right in that moment. Read on...


When you learn to get her world, YOU suddenly have an ability of such immense value-one that so few men have-that the power dynamic changes.

When a woman is ACTUALLY UPLIFTED by spending time with you — nourished, because her life is RICHER for having known you - then she'll return your calls & texts, and even rearrange her schedule to be with you.


While many guys who follow AMP are single, this program is just as (and possibly more) powerful for men in relationships as for single guys.

When you learn to Get Her World, you'll strengthen & deepen the connection and trust between you- which leads to more fun, play, and intimacy.

Getting Her World also allows you to re-experience your partner with Fresh Eyes, as if for the first time (as you'll see in Decker's conversation with his wife Kendra)...

43 ,semaJ miT
Software Engineer

"I saw things that I could have used TODAY with my wife.
I know this stuff intellectually, but actually SEEING it, slowing it down...that was helpful for me."


73 ,onaD

"I've been with my wife for 10 years and I can see now how to bring more play, interaction and intimacy."


44 ,ocraP neB

"Decker's interaction with his wife - that was really amazing to watch, and super inspiring - like, wow, I want to have THAT."



Throughout history, kings and warlords couldn't compete with the poor artist who could open a woman's heart because she felt SEEN.

If I had only one tool (being funny, good looking, having a great body, having "good banter", knowing how to play a musical instrument...) I'd still choose the ability to see a woman for who she is and connect on a deep level. This is the ultimate trump card that makes everything else secondary.

Getting Her World

"This is incredible. I've never had a connection like this. I want to live all the time here."


82 ,eerteP nnaerB

"I want to reveal myself to you, and for you to reveal yourself to me... Deep connection is what girls's definitely what I want."


By now the power and importance of deep connection with women should be pretty clear.

So, the question are we going to teach you to connect with women on a deep level?

Well, the first step is to discover why you've been struggling:


A couple of reasons:

#1: FIGHT-OR-FLIGHT RESPONSE - On a biochemical level, when you're relating with a woman you're attracted to, when it really matters most to you, you're often in a "fight-or-flight" response-

Just like if someone's attacking you and you're not trained to deal with it, you'll often panic and lose your center, the same thing happens with women, except in this case you lose access to your creativity, sense of humor, and genuine curiosity.

The good news is, just as martial artists practice to stay cool even when being attacked, you can train yourself to stay cool and collected even when interacting with the most intimidatingly attractive women.


Related to #1, whenever you're nervous, your attention tends to hyper-fixate on everything other than what you're actually wanting.

Your attention tends to be on:

  • Trying to figure out if she's attracted to you
  • Wondering what to say next
  • Trying to ask her questions to demonstrate your interest, but not really caring about the answers so much (and to be honest, it's tough for you to even really FEEL that genuine interest in her when you're working so hard to ask the right questions).

When you do any of these things, you're not paying attention. You're not Present, and she can sense that.

The good news, again, is that through retraining and sharpening the focus of your attention, you can have your interactions with women be unforgettably rewarding and go to places of deep connection.


As we show you WHAT to focus on, the quality of your attention will continue to sharpen- you'll learn WHAT to focus on, and HOW to focus on it, which will increase your ability to Get Her World and have more rewarding conversations and deep connections.

So, exactly how is this program going to help you sharpen your attention?

Several ways!



So many of you have asked us, "Show us real-world examples! What does authentic relating LOOK LIKE? SHOW US!!"

Your wait is over.

This new program is not a "stage seminar", or a compilation of "guru-expert interviews" with the usual suspects that you've already heard, rehashing their particular twist on the same old stuff.

These are a REAL-LIFE, uncensored INTERACTIONS with real women, in professional HD video, with multiple camera angles to track every nonverbal nuance of the conversation.

You'll watch Decker interact with what many guys would consider to be their "dream girl" — the kind of women most men are both drawn to and intimidated by.

You'll learn by SEEING Decker interact with women, HEARING the exact words he says to them, and actually DO the exercises that will sharpen your focus and your ability to connect deeply with women, whenever and with whomever you wish.

52 ,noyL

"In the moment of actually witnessing it, your brain changes and a new possibility is opened."


64 ,nahtanoJ

"Being able to hear and see, in-depth what authentic relating actually looks like...I see a whole new game and practice for myself."



You'll get exactly-what-to-say structures (the "outer game" DOING) in PDF download form, that even if you were a brain-dead zombie, your interactions would go deeper...

These "outer game tools" are like training wheels-- they can help you get some quick wins, build your confidence, and start that upward spiral of building success upon success!

But most importantly...


Other programs may show you what an extraordinary interaction with women looks like (from the outside). But oftentimes, that doesn't help, because you don't know what's happening on the INSIDE. In this program, you'll...

1) Get Her World - As you watch Decker interact with each woman, you'll understand what it's like to be her, and to see the world from a woman's eyes. Perhaps even more useful, you'll...

2) Get Decker's World – As you watch Garrison debrief Decker on the interaction, you'll understand why he says what he does, where he takes the conversation, how he relates to them etc...


This program is NOT about ADOPTING Decker's worldview — the last thing we want is a bunch of Decker clones running around. While this program will open your eyes to new possibilities and a new way of interacting with women, over time you will find your own unique expression and way of relating.

Because even more important than learning lines that have been proven to work from other people, you'll get the tools to "Dial In" to the place inside yourself where those games and "lines" can COME FROM (the BEING, rather than the DOING), spontaneously, moment-to-moment!

The most rewarding interactions emerge when you have NO IDEA what you're going to say next, and the interaction unfolds spontaneously - and that's why this program comes with missions, practices and exercises designed to have you INTERNALIZE this skill set for yourself.


To the untrained palate, wine is either red or white. But as you learn the distinctions between different wines, you can begin to Appreciate the subtleties, the nuances, that separate and distinguish one wine from another.

Imagine being able to do this with PEOPLE - to experience and celebrate each person's unique characteristics, and, beyond that, have the ability to reflect that back to them in a way that has them feeling deeply seen, honored, moved, and...discovering new things about themselves.

That's what this Program is about.


In the past, we've held back, appealed to the "lowest common denominator" of guys looking just to "get girls" or "get laid" - but the truth is that what we do best is Depth - that's what we are committed to, and we're not going to "hold back" or "dumb down" this stuff anymore. This program is unapologetically deep, and rich with distinctions that are subtle yet powerful. You're a big boy, and you can handle it — we're giving you some of our best, deepest stuff! J

25 ,leahciM
Attorney and Dog Trainer

"After watching this, I thought, 'I can connect with a woman on a level I never have before. I could Rock Her World."


About The Program

Getting Her World is basically 3 programs in one, Karina, Jennifer and Kendra, about 9 hours in total. Originally, we were going to sell each of the 3 programs (Karina, Jennifer, and Kendra) separately. In the end, because we felt it was important for you to see that this works whether you're single or in a relationship, and with different types of women... so we decided to bundle all three of them together.

So here's what's covered in each of the three programs:

In the KARINA program, you'll learn:

  • Why "storytelling" can actually RUIN a connection - and what the ingredients are for a story that actually DEEPENS connection. (segment 3)
  • Ever wanted to take a conversation from being a boring information exchange to being more emotional and meaningful? Try the "Heart Melter Question" in segment 23. Note: This also works at small gatherings of friends for you to know each other on a deeper level.
  • How and when to allow for "full silences"(even WELCOMING potential awkwardness and discomfort). This is where the real magic arises...that most guys blindly trample over (segment 1).
  • The "Calling Her Out" Practice - Actually demonstrates that you're LISTENING closely, not just to her words, but to her emotional truth (90% of communication is nonverbal, right). She'll trust you more when she knows you're going to check her on it, and that she can't bullshit you. (see examples of this in segment 9 and segment 24)
  • How to genuinely compliment a woman without coming off as a supplicating lapdog. Yes, it goes against the "pickup wisdom", but when you see the way Decker demonstrates this in segment 18, you'll know how to have her feeling deeply seen and celebrated as a human being — a rare gift!
  • The "Echo Practice" - A way to "lock in" the level of connection you've already reached, which will have her completely relax and melt into deeper levels with you (segment 3).
  • The "Themes Practice" - If you're paying attention, you'll notice there are always THEMES that arise in your interaction with a woman. Decker shares how to, step-by-step, find that THEME, and each interaction you have with a woman will be like penning a chapter in an exhilarating story that you're writing, together.
  • Decker asks Karina about her first impressions of him when they briefly first met at the gym– a great example of how to take a conversation from being simply information exchange, to sharing about US, and how we impact each other — you'll both be more excited and alive after a conversation like this (segment 5).
  • Decker shares, word-for-word, how he'd meet a girl in a grocery store...and how to powerfully OWN why he was interested in talking with her in the first place (segment 4). This will help you be more forthright about your attraction with women.
  • When you're inviting her vulnerability, you're also inviting her defenses. Here's how to welcome BOTH (this is the key to taking the interaction past where she may have ever been with anyone before) — see her wide-eyed and vulnerable, completely exposed in her tenderness...and, feeling totally safe at the same time ... (segment 8).
  • The difference between Informational, Personal, and Relational conversations, why you need each one, and when to switch gears from one to the next. This is critical to accessing the deeper levels of connection (segment 8).
  • Decker breaks "conventional dating wisdom" in segment 2, and shares his understanding for why "I seem to get away with breaking all the rules." Listening to this will help you break out and be more spontaneous with women.
  • How to stay more personal and avoid the "coach/therapist" dynamic with a woman. This is critical to be aware of, since when you're Getting Her World, it's not uncommon for her to open up to you faster than she ever has to anyone else...even if you've just met (segment 10).
  • Why you don't have to be the "Club Guy" to meet women out at night - get a direct understanding of Decker's state of being when he used to meet women in this environment, even when it's absolutely "not his scene" (segment 11).
  • The "Closer/Farther" Game — Decker plays this game with Karina to highlight the deepest point of their interaction so far. You can use this simple sentence stem to explore with her where you've felt the closest to each other so far, bringing the interaction out of "information-exchange land" and even deeper into the Here And Now. (segment 12 and 13)

  • The "Sealing the Exits" Practice - This is an advanced one - it's a way to ensure that as things get more intense, vulnerable (and juicier!), that you're both committed to exploring everything that arises between the two of you, rather than popping back out into safer, more comfortable (but less juicy) territory... (segment 13)

  • The "Restraint With Resistance" Practice - Taking on this practice is a gateway to taking her to new heights in the bedroom...but Decker demonstrates how you can use it anywhere in segment 15.
  • The "Identifying Dissonance" Practice - by artfully bringing awareness to the contrast between what she says and how she says it, you're bound to bring more truth-telling to the interaction. (segment 16)
  • Decker almost loses her trust, in a single moment in segment 16- and, receives the payoff of taking a Big Risk. You'll learn how to make these "clutch choices" yourself --the ones that will have her remembering your interaction for days afterwards — after you watch this chapter (segment 16)
  • The "Pre-Deeper-Opening Raving Banshee" Dynamic: When her challenges become so intense that most men will turn back and MISS the richness on the other side, YOU will know what's REALLY going on for her, and how to "stick with it" to the tender sweetness on the other side... (segment 16)
  • What if you're feeling disconnected, checked out, bored? Hear exactly how Decker expresses what he wants with Karina, explicitly, here, and you can bring almost ANY connection back from the "talking ABOUT stuff" place to deeply connected and even more intrigued (segment 29)
  • The "Sweaty-Toothed Madman" Scene in Dead Poets Society inspired the game Decker plays with Karina in segment 22, "Listen for the Spark". When you learn this tool you'll be able to rapidly hone in on the next ideal place to take the conversation.
  • The "Fire Game" - with this fun thought experiment, in 30 seconds you'll discover what's most important to her in her life (segment 30).
  • The "Frames Game" This is a way of sharing your favorite moments from the date so far. This reinforces the good time you've had together, and cements the connection together such that when she thinks of you, she'll think of the rich time you had together (segment 31).
  • Karina shares that she's 'still single', still gets lonely, and longs for real connection in segment 33. When you "get her world", you'll be able to see beyond the "hot girl uniform" that most guys relate to with attractive women, and get on a deeper level that ALL women (even the most gorgeous) are fully human beings too.
  • The "Fetish Conversation" — Decker almost misses one of the juiciest opportunities with Karina, that leads to exploring her "fetish side" - watching this will show you how to cue in on the "rabbit holes" that will take you into the spiciest, hottest places in a woman's inner world...(segment 35)

Here's What You'll Learn From The JENNIFER PROGRAM:

In contrast with Karina, Jennifer is a completely different creature. In terms of her emotional awareness and capacity for connection, she's at the level of "AMP Woman", and she and Decker Go DEEP together, to realms of connection far beyond words...

You'll discover:

  • Conversation that turns you both on- without even talking about sex. When you apply what you learn/ hear, you'll feel like the two of you have already been making love for hours...
  • How and where to touch a woman who's feeling intense emotions. This can serve to open up a woman's body, and bring more awareness to the places where she's holding tension. She'll be grateful for your "intuitive hands" (segment 10).

  • How to instantly tell whether a girl is at ease with her sexuality. This will clue you in about how forthright you can be with her without "blowing her out" (segment 3).
  • What about when a woman is a yes, but not a full yes? Here's how you can build trust and deeper connection, by advocating FOR her boundaries! I love what Decker says here: "If it's not a full yes, I'm a no. I prefer being welcomed inside, because she's dying to have me. It's just not as enjoyable otherwise..." (segment 8)
  • Decker completely forgets her name. When you see how he handles this in segment 11, you'll never have to worry about this happening for yourself again.
  • Discover the THEME of any conversation - and how it can exponentially deepen things, WHILE having her feel seen, known, (and, is also an opportunity for clever jokes!) (segment 3)
  • Learn from Decker's "mistake" in segment 4, where he "barges" with Jennifer. When you see where he could have been more artful, you'll bring this sharper awareness to your own interactions.
  • Decker shares word-for-word how he would invite a woman for a short term fling (like a tourist visiting SF), by transparently OWNING that he wants to take things as deep, and fast, as possible. (segment 1)
  • Discover the 5 "Flavors of Relating" - as you become aware of these distinctions, you'll be able to reflect these in the moment with the woman you're with. (segment 5)
  • Some of the deepest, most powerful moments are wordless. See how to create this in segments 6, 8, and 18.
  • When, how and why you can actually IGNORE what a woman is saying, and have the connection drop deeper...(segment 6)
  • Discover how to "hold space" for a woman's deepest emotions. When you know how to respond in these situations, women will feel safe to completely let go with you (segment 9)
  • How to "bless" a woman's resistance. This is a critical tool for creating more love, trust, safety and openness...(segment 9)
  • Embrace Disaster — Hear Decker's story about his crash-and-burn experience he had presenting at a dating seminar. You may be shocked at hearing how he would have handled it a second time around, and you'll learn how to EMBRACE even the most disastrous situations (segment 9)
  • "Just push me away if you want to" - Find out why Decker would say this, plus how & when "welcoming resistance" can use this to create more safety and trust in your interactions (segment 10).
  • Learn the "Foopbird" analogy - of the bird that flies in ever-tightening circles until it flies up it's own ass with the sound "foop!"- and the seriously powerful lesson it offers for helping you get "untriggered"(segment 11).
  • The "Fixation Pitfall" – discover the warning signs that tell you when you're "beating a dead horse", and how to artfully transition out of it. Without knowing to look for this sign, you may not know it's happening til it's too late (segment 12)
  • See Decker's "sadistic coyote" come out and challenge Jennifer. Learn how you can bring a tone of "fun mischief" right along with deep connection (segment 13).
  • Segment 14. Wow. I'm not sure how to even describe this one, but I'm willing to bet you've never seen anything like this level of connection. Just seeing wht happens in this segment could rock your world open about what's possible in a connection. (segment 14)
  • Decker was completely WRONG about Jennifer's experience in segment 15 - see how he explores it with her, and they actually end up in deeper, juicier connection as a result.
  • The "Junkyard Dog" metaphor - for coaches and personal development geeks, especially: when you hear this story, you'll discover how you can resolve internally conflicting parts inside of YOU, and inside of the woman you're with - without going into "coaching mode" (segment 11)
  • Watch the "body surges" that Decker and Jennifer experience as a result of the connection they're having so far, and see why Jennifer yells to Garrison off-camera..."Garrison, you did NOT prepare me for this AT ALL!" (segment 16)
  • The "Psychic Color-Echo Game" -- If you saw AMP's Foundations, you saw the "color echo" game. See it again, this time, being played through a PSYCHIC CONNECTION. This is the real Jedi shit, boys! (segment 16)
  • Ever had a woman "pop out" of a deep connection, during a date, or during sex? Here's the exact way of being, behind the words on how to handle it without "breaking the mood" (segment 18)
  • Witness a tantric, almost "non-dual" connection, boundaries dissolving...where you can't tell where she stops and you begin... Decker lets you in on what sex would be like from this place...(segment 19)
  • How to move a conversation from being "heady" to "in the body" - this is a CRITICAL tool for moving past the Level 1 "information-sharing" stage of connection (segment 19)
  • The "Saw Her In Half" game. Co-explore the difference between the left side and right side of a woman's body...(segment 21)
  • A powerful, edgy question to ask someone you're in relationship with. (Warning: before you ask, be prepared for an honest answer) (segment 9).
  • Have you ever found that someone you're talking to is going into boring details? Here's how to artfully guide the conversation into a more meaningful connection, without being controlling (segment 3)

Here's What You'll Learn from the KENDRA Program:

Decker's interactions with his wife Kendra are especially powerful to watch for men in relationship. You'll discover:

  • When I'm With You, I'm Noticing... Game. I play this game on dates from time to time whenever I want to move our interaction from talking ABOUT STUFF to the here and now, with US. See it demonstrated with Decker and Kendra in segment 6.
  • How to center and ground yourself before a date. This will ensure that you're as present as possible when you're with her (segment 1)
  • An amazing question you can ask to kick off a deeper interaction, right off the bat. Attention relationship guys: this key question will also renew your ability to see your partner with Fresh Eyes, as if for the First Time (segment 2)
  • Garrison is totally impacted by Decker and Kendra's connection in segment 4... Watch him model a way you can allow yourself to be this impacted in your Own Life, which will make your connections much deeper...
  • The "Starlight or Moonlight" Game -This is a simple yet deep game you can use to spark a rich conversation with a girl you've just met, or, in Decker's case here, a woman you've lived with for years...(segment 5)

  • Decker shares a WICKED distinction with Garrison in segment 15 that can transform how you "take the lead" with a woman, and takes the interaction from "functional" to "flourishing"! (segment 15)
  • Kendra loves telling Decker where he's doing it all wrong! Discover how making space for what she's enjoying (or not enjoying) can be a HIGHLIGHT of your interaction - and turn a crashing date around 180 degrees... (segment 16)
  • Discover the 3 ways most guys dodge a woman's upset - By becoming aware of the way YOU dodge, you'll be less likely to react this way next time (segment 6)
  • The "Surrender Game" in segment 13 is a physical, non-verbal interactive game you can play with her to explore trust and surrender. A fun way to learn about each other and deepen the connection (and her level of trust) without words

Watching these real-world interactions will open your eyes to what's possible in your future interactions — including those rare eye-gazing, soul-connected interactions where it seems like the world has fallen away and all that exists is the two of you in a bubble together...


From our experience with attendees from our pre-screening, your conversations will take a jump in depth as you watch the videos, do the exercises, and see the new possibilities and directions you can take your conversations.

92 ,eaJ
Sales Rep

"I see another realm of what's possible now..."


25 ,leahciM

What is possible with a woman now is completely different after seeing this — it's like, "Wow, that's like something I never even would have thought of before."


52 ,noyL

"I experienced an awakening in myself around what's possible with women."

I was really blown away... Instead of talking about it, I'm seeing it happen - It's amazing that in just a short amount of time something has changed in me... and that's pretty radical.  

REALITY CHECK: Now, to be clear, we're not saying that you're going to be relating with women at the level you see Decker at, overnight. Women are unlikely to be consistently in tears with you after you watch these videos a single time... after all, Getting Her World is an ART FORM that we've been cultivating for over a decade now...

But as you watch (and ideally for your own benefit, re-watch) these examples, and take on the assigned exercises in the AMP Dojo, your interactions will become deeper and richer as the quality of your attention sharpens to the precision of a finely-tuned instrument.

And the benefits are not just with women– this will take ALL your conversations and interactions to the level where eventually your relationships are a work of ART...they become an unfolding, ever-evolving masterpiece, like a painting that's never finished, but keeps getting better...

Here Comes The Holiday Season:
Bored By Your Relatives?
I Was, Too...Until I Learned to Get Their World...

I used to be a bit bored by my relatives during the holidays. I come from such a different world than they do, and our interests are so different, it's often hard to relate to them.
But as I sharpened the ability to Get Someone's World, family gatherings began to change from something I tolerated, to a kind of "connection playground".

Now, when I put attention on Getting Their World, my relatives who I'd barely connect to normally, became fascinating, interesting people that I enjoy exploring with in a natural and organic way that opens doors between us that has us both going, "Wow - that was a really cool conversation. Thank you!"

Give yourself the gift of enjoying your relatives on a whole new level this holiday!

Try this with your family, and watch the connection between you and others (even the ones you least expect) open into a whole universe...


Decker's definitely good at this - he's been practicing for years now - AND, this is something you can LEARN. I've learned it, our AMP facilitators have learned it (DOZENS OF THEM!) - and they NEVER had the Massive Benefit that YOU are getting — of seeing REAL EXAMPLES of these interactions with women, debriefing and distinguishing Exactly what's happening, moment-to-moment.


44 ,ocraP neB
AMP Graduate

"Getting Her World works. I practice this way of being with women all the time...and it's totally changed my life."


It's not about memorizing anything or making stuff up, so in a way it's amazingly simple... and it works everywhere.

25 ,leahciM

"It's very ordinary, and easy to do when you see how."

Decker's not doing something that is impossible– He uses ordinary language, no fancy stuff to memorize...A lot of it is paying attention and becoming aware... and it's very easy to do when you see how to do it. I expect with some practice I'm going to be able to do it more. So I think it's extremely accessible

05 ,nayrB'O luaP
Video Producer
Getting Her World

"I've already brought this into my current relationships."



BONUS #2: "Connection RoadMap: The 6 Levels of Conversation" (PDF Download)

Like driving a stick-shift car, a good conversation "shifts gears" from one level to the next. To give you an idea of "where you're at" in a conversation so that you can take the conversation deeper, Decker and I break the conversation down into 6 levels.

In this Roadmap, we'll describe each of these 6 levels, and show you which "Connection Tool" you need to smoothly "shift gears" from one level of conversation to the next.

If you ever wanted a simple, clear ROADMAP to deeper connection, THIS IS IT.

BONUS #3: Behind-The-Scenes of GHW with Decker & Garrison (Video)

This is a 40-minute candid video interview with Decker and Garrison, disclosing the entertaining backstage story behind "Getting Her World" -

You'll hear their favorite highlights, most vulnerable moments, biggest challenges (including where Decker, in a rage, smashes his iPhone on the wall above Garrison's head and demolishes the air purifier against the doorframe...), and much more...

It's a moving, often hilarious, entertaining look at what it took to put together an extremely challenging program.

BONUSES #4, 5 & 6: Getting Our World

As a special bonus for you, we brought in AMP Woman Penny Fellbrich for a rare and personal opportunity to get our world...

BONUS #4: Getting Decker's World [audio]

In this recording, Penny takes an intensely personal and candid look into Decker's world, where he came from, what inspires him and what drives him crazy, including:

  • Childhood: Growing up as "white trash", and having to protect his bipolar father from bike-gang drug dealers at the age of 4, dealing with bullies, and other formative childhood events...
  • Alternative relationships, Northern-California group sexual experiences, and why Decker is done with the Church and "sexual witch hunters"
  • A more detailed account than I've ever heard before about the "Big 3" lightning-bolt awakening experiences that forever altered him, and paved the way for the creation of AMP.

Even after knowing Decker for 10 years, I learned new things about my best friend in this interview.

BONUS #5: Getting Garrison's World [audio]

In this interview, you'll discover:

  • Why Garrison had only "flash-paper" relationships -- 5-6 years ago -- compared to now, and what made the difference. If you're discouraged by where your interactions are at, this is a great map of one man's journey from a "barren wasteland" of relationships to being at the center of a thriving, flourishing community
  • Garrison's new discoveries and insights about sex, and what's possible in the bedroom
  • Exploring the Dark Valleys of experience...even when it's not all "sunshine and baby puppies"

I felt a lot of love and appreciation for Garrison and his world after listening to Penny get his world (and I told him so).

BONUS #6: Getting Bryan's World [audio]

Ok, I'm a little apprehensive at releasing this one... Penny is an excellent listener, and I found myself revealing stuff I only really write about in my personal journal or share with my closest friends.

In My world, you'll discover...
  • The breakthroughs I've recently had from plant medicine journey experiences...
  • My current edges and challenges in relating with women, both in relationship and women I meet "on the street"...
  • Coming back around to embrace my relationship with my neglected feminine side, including exploring being submissive...

When you get My world here, it will definitely create more permission for you to explore places in your OWN life that are edgy or vulnerable...

82 ,eerteP nnaerB

"I want us to be able to be real together, whether it’s on a first date, second date, or for a lifetime. This program teaches guys how to do that."



So, here's everything you're getting:

Getting Her World: Karina (4.5 hours) -
AMP Dojo Online Access

Getting Her World: Jennifer (2.5 hours) -
AMP Dojo Online Access

Getting Her World: Kendra (2 hours) -
AMP Dojo Online Access


The Connection RoadMap: The 6 Levels of Conversation
(PDF Download)

Behind the Scenes of GHW with Decker & Garrison
(Video Download)

Getting Decker's World - Interview
(MP3 Audio)

Getting Garrison's World - Interview
(MP3 Audio)

Getting Bryan's World - Interview
(MP3 Audio)


What would it be worth for you to be able to create an intimate, who-cares-what's-happening-around-us sort of space with a woman... the kind that leaves her feeling buzzing with elation yet totally safe at the same time... that makes her want to be with you, close to you, again and again?

What would it be worth to you to know exactly what to say, how to say it, and how to direct a conversation toward more depth, heart-connection, and that you'll never have to wonder if she's just being "polite" when she tells you she had a great time and wants to see you again?

What would it be worth to finally have the skills to read a woman and get to know who she really is, at the core, within the first 20 minutes of talking to her? And from this place of power and choice, decide for yourself if she's someone you're inspired to invest more time with... instead of playing the frustrating, time & energy-wasting game of cat and mouse with her?

The total value of this program is $964 as you can see above — and these aren't arbitrary pie-in-the-sky numbers, they're actually related to equivalent programs we consistently offer.

The price of this program is $197.


As Decker mentions in the video above, getting someone's world is a super-power that benefits you far beyond your interactions with women, to ANY situation involving someone whose opinion you care about — nailing a job interview, getting a promotion, landing a sales meeting that you wouldn't otherwise have gotten - all through learning to get another human being's world...

If your work involves dealing with people, this program is likely to pay for itself.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Try out the program for 90 days. Check out the bonus downloads, watch the videos and do the exercises in the AMP Dojo. Enter your results in the Assignment area, and really take on the practices. Give it a fair shot. And if you don't notice a profound transformation in the quality of your interactions, send back the program and we'll refund 100% of your investment. Plus, you'll keep all the bonuses.

Simply put, if you're not thrilled, we don't want your money.

Enroll me for $197


Questions? Call (303) 834-7784 or email us at:

When you take on this program and do the practices, this WILL help you eliminate:

  • Not knowing what to say
  • Brain freeze
  • Flaking and chronic cancelled dates

And if you've struggled with the pain of rejection and beating yourself up for "blowing it" with that one woman or many women, then this is definitely something you will benefit from.

Beyond that...

Imagine having the super-power ability
to penetrate the veil of routine
get past chit-chat to real connection and communication
with anyone...

To be able to turn an ordinary conversation
into a co-created work of ART...


Getting Her World is not just the "code we've cracked" — it's our core values and our mission. We're committed to creating a more beautiful humanity, and your interactions with women are a great place to start.

This is a huge step towards a happier, healthier, more rewarding and inspiring world. Our belief is that when people are TRULY nourished by their interactions, they'll stop looking to materialism to fill the void inside. And that's good news for everyone, including the planet.

And the best part is, it all starts with you simply putting attention on making your interactions with women AMAZING. How cool is that?!

Invitation: Check in with yourself, and ask: Does this program speak to me?

If the answer is NO, then thanks for your time and attention in reading this. I hope you learned something that will serve you and your future interactions.

If the answer is YES, then enroll now, and I look forward to our next adventure together!

Enroll me for $197


Questions? Call (303) 834-7784 or email us at:

02 ,nahP olegnA
Louisville, KY

"The Conversation with Kendra was one of the most epic things I've Ever Seen - AMAZING."

Damn… I’m still getting schooled by Decker! I’ve always felt like AMP needed more examples, and this was great. I really feel a lot of permission to allow whatever comes up in conversation be okay. I could see me going out on a date with a girl, and just sitting with her until something comes up.

The “awkward” silence with Kendra was one of the most epic things I’ve ever seen. I mean, I was feeling myself tense up for that situation, and I wasn’t even a part of it. Decker was so okay with what was there. It was amazing.

The whole thing with Jennifer was awesome too. And “You’re so yummy” right in the middle of her speech…. I thought you guys edited the video, I couldn’t believe that he just said that out of nowhere (it seemed out of nowhere at first anyway), of course, he follows up with “I’m sorry you’re hurting”.


NOTE FROM BRYAN: I'll say it again: Decker's not the only one who can do this. Starting out, I was clueless about how to really get a woman's world, or offer reflection that has her feeling seen, celebrated, etc...

I recently met a blogger here in NYC who posted a story about meeting me. I share this with you not to brag, but to emphasize that this is something YOU can LEARN (I certainly wasn't born with this ability)...and that THIS IS WHAT WOMEN WANT:


Monday, November 15, 2010

So, okay. New boy. Brand new. Fun boy! Let’s call him: Caleb! (Looks in archives of blog, ponders new fake names, comes up with Caleb.)

You know what’s hot? What turns me on? What makes me slick, like slippery wet stones in a brook in the backyard of sexual reawakening? (Holy Extended Metaphor, Batman.)

Really. Good. Listening skills.


You might have strong hands, you might have smoldering eyes, you might know the g-spot like the back of your hand, but if you’re not listening to what I’m saying…


I know. And it’s not a super duper turn on.

I’m smarter than you, Guy Who’s Nodding, Guys Who’s Rubbing the Back of My Neck, Guy Who Gives Random Compliment at Random Time.

“You have the most beautiful eyes," DOES NOT BEAT:

“You know what I like about you. You have no filter. You say what you want to say and it’s not awkward or mean. It’s just what you want to say.” THIS is what Caleb said.

“Your skin is like…porcelain,” DOES NOT BEAT:

“Have you always been this innocent? This full of wonder?” THIS is what Caleb said.

Written down–maybe the innocent thing sounds cheesy, untrue, a ridiculous exaggeration. But honestly, I am innocent. I am full of wonder. Despite all the men, despite all the threesomes, despite the recent broken heart, despite the BDSM and the orgies and the strapons–I’m innocent. I’m full of wonder. I look at this world I’m in and created for myself and I’m like–ahh. Wonderful.

These are things that Caleb said. Because he was responding to what I was giving him.

It’s hot.

It’s his practice, it’s his game, it’s his way of “getting” women. Granted. But you gotta get chicks somehow. Why not get them by listening to what they’re FUCKING SAYING TO YOU?! Am I right or am I right?

Besides, I think Caleb doesn’t have expectations. He just takes what you’re putting out there. And makes it work. That’s a good way to live!

05 ,nayrB'O luaP
Video Producer
Getting Her World

"It's a new way of relating, and you're seeing it by example. I've already brought this into my current relationships."


I worked on Getting Her World, I've been editing it for months with Garrison.

I was a little nervous about how people would react and I'm blown away by people's responses to it. It's like, it's confirmed! This is powerful stuff and it's been really exciting to work on.

Here's a guy (Decker) having conversation with women that are virtually strangers. Literally strangers! And, yes, Decker's been working on this stuff for a long time AND, it's possible for anyone to do that.

I've learned so much by just watching and re-watching this — I'm already bringing some of this stuff into my current relationships — I think this is something that can really change men's lives. It's changed mine already.

73 ,onaD

"I'm inspired by what I can bring to my wife now - more play, interaction, intimacy..."


I've been with my wife for 10 years and watching this, I'm inspired by what I can bring to her - more play, interaction, intimacy... and to my family, and people I don't even know...

25 ,laehciM

"I know that is going to 'up' the level of connection and emotional experience for me and for her."


I was thinking about a woman just yesterday I've known for a few years and I recently re-connected with and after watching this, I think now I could connect with her on a level I never did before. I think I could rock her world... and that's a ride I want to go on.

I don't even have words to describe it. It's something I'm really looking forward to incorporating into my life and my relationships.

52 ,noyL

"In just a short amount of time something has changed in me... and that's pretty radical."


I found it profoundly moving. I've never seen anything like it captured on video before. Instead of talking about it, I'm seeing it happen - it was breathtaking!

For me it's confirming a lot of things and allowing me to discard a lot of the bullshit that I've picked up in other parts of the dating realm and just be myself which feels so much better, less icky and weird, and more satisfying. It's amazing that in just a short amount of time something has changed in me... and that's pretty radical.

94 ,ecnaL

"I was mesmerized - it's a REAL model for authentic communication. I love it."


It gives me a model to work with, communicate with others and really deepen the relating and make it more real and authentic.

I was mesmerized by it and as I watched I was thinking to myself, "This is what I aspire to." I love it.

34 ,evetS
Environmental Sustainability Manager

"It's a deep dive into how women think and how to engage them much more deeply."

I haven't seen anything like it out there.


63 ,leahciM
Relationship Coach

"This changes the way guys will see interactions - and give them more choice"

It really sucked me in, it was like watching a really intense "Godfather" scene. Like watching tremendous acting but it was actually real world stuff going on.

Lots of guys I know are always trying to see how a girl will like them or how they can "get" something from a girl and this changes the way they see how interactions can be — and gives them a choice.

84 ,esroM trautS
Victoria BC

"Watching these videos gives me so much clarity and freedom — Now THAT's Being ALIVE!"


I feel free, through watching these, to explore those kind of connections. I believe it’s the reason we’re alive. I’ve had a few of them and I can’t imagine life without them. We’re not here for just sex, we’re here to be together in the moment, feeling the whole universe vibrating, spinning and pulsating inside, outside and between. Now that’s being alive...

44 ,evetS
Disc Jockey

"This completely focuses on real relationship and real connection - Seeing it done and having that reinforced...Wow!"


82 ,eerteP nnaerB

"This would open up worlds of connection with me- and I want that!"

A lot of men don't know how to meet a new person and bring their real self...In this video it becomes possible.

A program like this would have helped men who have gone on dates with me, and for guys who approach me. It's what I want, and it's what women are wanting in how to be approached, how to be related with.

43 ,veejnaS
Software Engineer

"You don't have to use a lot of effort with this - it's extremely powerful."


This takes away a lot of pressure that you can have a meaningful conversation with someone without having to do all the lines and pickupy things. You don't have to use a lot of effort with this. This is different. You can touch someone deeply and later on she'll remember how she felt close to you...

What was most exciting was that Decker had only known these women for 15-20 minutes and then was able to get somewhere really deep.

A lot of times it doesn't even happen on the 3rd or 4th date when I meet women, so that was extremely powerful to see. If I just took one thing away from the whole program that would be it, that I can strike a deep and meaningful conversation with someone I don't even know in less than 15 or 20 minutes.

And not just women, friends, like my guy friends — I could take our conversation places that could be really powerful for both of us.

43 ,semaJ miT
Software Engineer

"I Could Have Used This TODAY With My Wife..."


I was really moved by this. There were things in the first part with Karina where Decker stayed open, stayed appreciating... I could have used this TODAY with my wife. In those moments where I'm not a "yes," it's like "Oh, I can just appreciate that!" I know it intellectually, but I rarely get to SEE it.

Slowing things down so I could study it, so I could think to myself, "Oh, so how would I respond to that?" "What worked and what didn't about that?" made a big difference to me. I felt like I was on that date...

82 ,utS

"The way I relate with women has been turned on it's ear...I'm blown away.."


The perspective from which I relate with women has been kind of turned on its ear. I didn't expect to be so blown away by understanding her perspective in a whole new way and this is gonna change a lot of how I interact with women moving forth.

I'm excited to interact with women again in a whole new way. There's a whole new learning curve that I look forward to embracing. I just can't see how it will ever look the same again.

64 ,nahtanoJ

"I love that I can now see, in depth, what authentic relating LOOKS LIKE"


Compared to other products this is a lot more authentic and it's a lot more effective. The depth of the interactions and also quite honestly the quality of the video is much higher. I can actually hear and see what's going on and that is a huge improvement over other things I've seen.

One of the things that really excited me about this program is being able to see in depth what authentic relating actually looks like and where it goes. I haven't seen anything that has the examples of that in a way that I can look at AND learn from AND study AND get the depth of.

42 ,aniraK
Aerial Performer

"Just being in the video and being present with Decker helped me a lot."


If I were to have the men who've approached me watch this video first it would have been a big help for them.

Even for me, just being present with Decker helped me a lot. I got tons out of it. It had me realize that I'd been looking for the wrong things. I realized that I have a lot of guard up and that I can be more subtle and soft at the same time."

54 ,ocsicnarF
Life Coach

"This is a fantastic window into the female consciousness."


It's very powerful stuff. It's a set of skills that we should have as men from an early age, but unfortunately there are no systems that teach those skills to us.

The women in these videos, they start crying, the start laughing, they are having very vibrant emotions. It's a beautiful thing to see.

32 ,nevetS
Fitness Trainer

"This takes it to a whole other level."

I learned a lot just from the experience of watching the authentic connections; let alone what they were saying in the training sections of the program.

If you feel like there's something out there that's deeper than where you're at right now, like maybe you're not getting the nourishment that you know is possible then this would be a great program for you to look at.

32 ,ydniC

"Guys are often blind to the fact that there really are simple ways of opening up and having her open up in return by asking the "right" questions."


I think this is going to help men relax and get into a place where they can understand a woman without having to play a game.

22 ,gnileiS naD
New York

"The video with Decker and Kendra had a special place in my heart, given that I’m in a long-term relationship"


As someone who loves to learn by explanation and example I LOVE these videos. “Seeing each other with for the first time ever” was a concept completely foreign to me until now. Thank you for that.


44 ,ocraP neB
AMP Graduate

"Getting Her World works. I practice this way of being with women all the time...and it's totally changed my life."


It makes interacting with people exciting and rewarding and worth doing.

It's not about memorizing anything or making stuff up, so in a way it's amazingly simple...

I KNOW this could be a game changer for men because dudes are STUCK - I mean, I'm astounded even with good friends and how everything they're saying and doing with women and even their guy friends feels so fabricated and artificial and forced and uncomfortable and lacking in any kind of real excitement. This just makes everything possible. I feel that men especially need this desperately but basically if everyone on earth used this we would all be a lot better off.

Fucking Do IT! The clock is ticking, the calendar is flipping. It's like in Fight Club - your life is happening, NOW — and you're running out of time. So, get on it!

Enroll me for $197


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